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5+ passionately obsessed content writers and editors

We're not reinventing the wheel, just multiplying it

Sure our world-class writers will create high-quality content for you. But we’re also experts at turning your existing content into fresh material ready for whichever platforms you’re looking to take over.

Give us your best content and/or ideas.

We’ll do our thing.

Get your package full of new content ready to post as you see fit.

I'm growing my brand exponentially without any of the extra time commitment. It's like having a copy machine that prints out my content for each specific social media app I want, it doesn't get any easier than this. (Rephrase this)

We got you all-the-way covered

Let’s take blogs as an example, the benefits of posting them is well known – for SEO and brand authority.

And maybe you posted a link to that blog on LinkedIn or Twitter. Nice.

But what about refreshing that same blog content  into another few LinkedIn posts to reiterate the value and CTA?

And then creating a twitter thread out of it. Then taking that thread and creating an instagram carousel and a LinkedIn carousel.

Effectively multiplying your value and brand authority 5X over. 

Then repeat for each blog post….

We’ll connect all  of those dots for you.

Literally blew my mind the first time I saw how many great standalone tweets I could get from one thread. Then turned that thread into a LinkedIn image carousel I could cross post. They deliver fast too.

So how does it work?

Onboarding’s a breeze – and after that? As easy as 1-2-3

1. Subscribe and start requesting as much new or repurposed content as you like.

2. Receive each piece in as little as one business day, Monday to Friday.

3. We’ll revise and edit until you’re 100% satisfied. 

Be cross-platform without the learning curve

We’re experts with all publishing formats and best practices so you don’t have to be. We’ll spin up your content flywheel and continuously deliver ready-to-post content. All you need to do is, well…post.

Our writers are thoroughly vetted to ensure we provide content that's always:

We're "you'll never go back" better

We replace unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies for one flat monthly fee, with content delivered so fast it’ll blow your mind. 

Conveniently async

Don’t like meetings? Not a problem with us, we’ve ditched them completely.

Manage with Trello

Manage all your requests with a shared Trello board. View active, queued, and completed tasks in one place.

Invite unlimited team members

Invite your entire team. Anyone can submit requests and track their progress. 

Membership benefits

Perks so good you’ll never need to go anywhere else for your content. 

Shared board

Add unlimited requests to your board

Speedy delivery

Get each piece in as little as one business day

Easy payment

No contracts or retainers, just one fixed price each month

High-quality content

Optimized for whatever your use-case (SEO, engagement, conversions)

Flexible and scalable

Scale up or down as needed and pause or cancel at anytime

Shared board

Add unlimited requests to your board

Content you'll ❤, guaranteed

We'll create and/or repurpose...

Did we mention we proofread?

Membership levels

Choose a plan that’s best for you


No contract. Pause or cancel any time. 

(save $100/m billed quarterly)

OR $1,998 billed monthly

What’s included:

  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited repurposing
  • Unlimited users
  • Medium Form Content
  • Short Form Content

Scale most popular

Starter + long form content (blogs, newsletters, etc)

(save $150/m billed quarterly)

OR $2,499 billed monthly

What’s included:

  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited repurposing
  • Unlimited users
  • Long Form Content
  • Medium Form Content
  • Short Form Content

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Learn more about how you and your team can change the way you source content forever.


Great question! For starters, the annual cost of a full-time senior-level content marketer can be well over $100,000, plus benefits (and good luck finding one available). Aside from that, you may not always have enough work to keep them consistently busy, so you’re stuck paying for time you aren’t able to utilize. 

With our monthly plan, you can pause and resume your subscription as often as you need to ensure you’re only paying your content marketer when you have work for them.

Very little. Depending on the type of content you request we’ve got template briefs that you can fill out to give us the info we need to research, write, and optimize. We’ll also work closely with you in the beginning to gather everything we need to do a deep dive of your brand, voice, and content if the projects require it. Then you just send us some of your favorite pieces and inspirational content that you love. 

After that just sit back, relax, and get ready to receive a wealth of material you’ll be able to immediately publish.  

Our extremely talented writers have very diverse backgrounds, though most of the overlap is within the tech and startup relams.

That being said, we have such a wide ranging spectrum of writing experience that we feel confident we can create high quality content for you, unless you’re in a hyper specific niche that requires extremely narrow expertise and subject matter.

We’d definitely let you know if this is the case and we’re happy to part ways, we only look to enter mutually beneficial relationships where you feel you’re getting the highest value from our service. 

Absolutely. Once subscribed, you’re able to add as many requests to your queue as you’d like, and they will be delivered one by one. We cap the number of clients we work with so we can maintain the highest quality possible for our deliverables, so you can expect to reliably receive up to 700 words per business day.

So for example, if we’re repurposing a 3000 word blog post you can expect it to take up to about 4 business days. 


Both plans are almost identical. They both include unlimited requests, repurposing, and revisions. Both also include unlimited requests to proofread existing content.

The difference is the Scale subscription includes long form content, which we generally consider anything over 2000 words. So think long blog posts, long LinkedIn posts, newsletters, and doing things like podcast transcription or turning podcasts into a blog post. 

A good rule of thumb for repurposing is to think of the word count of the end product. If you request to get a blog post repurposed into a LinkedIn post over 2000 words, that is considered a long form request. 

We have unique processes that we use to ensure fast delivery of high quality content. With our knowledge and expertise in the social media space, you can rest assured our deliverables are current with what’s best for each platform you choose.

Content marketing agencies also charge hefty retainers and require a heavy time investment with things like strategy and status meetings. We focus on one thing – delivering tons of great content. 

Doing this on your own would cost you a significant amount of time and money, taking you away from other priorities in your business. 

We definitely wouldn’t stop you from doing this on your own, but it would likely cost you a ton of time that ultimately detracts from the attention you have to give to your business. This is convenience at it’s best. 

No worries, we have everything we need to scrape your data and select content based on performance. For example, we can collect ALL of your tweets, see which ones were the most viral, and base new content on what worked so well. We’ll even send you the collected content if you’d like!

No worries! We’ll continue to revise the content until you’re 100% satisfied.

At this time we don’t offer free trials. The team here are truly passionate about content creation and work very hard to sustain the highest level of quality. By charging upfront, we’re able to eliminate potential customers who don’t plan on staying with us. But the advantage of our subscription model is that you can pause or cancel at any point. If paused, you can pick right back up when your content needs increase again. 

We do not. An important thing to note is that almost all “AI detectors” are grossly inaccurate anyway since LLMs only produce words, there’s nothing for checkers to detect besides word patters which is why they are unreliable.

The focus should be on the quality of the content produced. That being said, we hope that our unrelenting passion for delivering you the best content possible really shines through.

See if dgedigital is the right digital growth partner for you. (we totally are)

Let’s connect and see if we’d be a great fit to collaborate with each other. Even if we aren’t, you’ll walk away with extremely valuable insight into your content strategy.


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